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Get your hands on this nifty little program which will help you store, manage, search and use your recipes. Download the file, unzip it and run the executable. The Recipe Collection Database will be installed on your PC or laptop. A shortcut will be added to your start menu and desktop.

The Recipe Collection Database is compatible with, and tested on Windows XP and Windows 7. Please post a comment if you discover any compatibility uses.

And if you like the program please make a donation to help me keep on building on its many features. Download it here:


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Recipe Collection Database: videos

Adding recipes, quickly and easily with the Recipe Collection Database:

The Recipe Collection Database is designed to allow you to easily manage hundreds of recipes, easily. 

With robust search facilities it makes it easy for you to search for recipes by ingredient, prep time, by course, cuisine and much more:

The Recipe Collection Database has loads of unique and helpful features, including making your own custom menus. 

Sometimes you find certain dishes that work really well together. Why not make a quick custom menu so you can easily access the recipes? Add a starter, main course and dessert and then name your menu:

As well as being lightweight and portable, the Recipe Collection Database also lets you back up your recipes for safe keeping.

Quickly, and easily backup your recipes. if you accidentally delete a recipe, or even uninstall the application and re-install at a later time, just select backup database, and then click restore database - this will return your collection back to exactly how it was when you last backed it up:

Recipe Collection Database - save all your recipes to one place.

The Recipe Collection Database:

For those who cook regularly, the difficulty of managing all your recipes can be a massive task. Ever find yourself searching through book after book looking for that one recipe that would be perfect? Do you have a recipe scrapbook with hundreds of cut-outs from magazines that is impossible to find anything in? How often do you end up searching through endless Google results trying to remember which website you found that perfect recipe on?

If this has happened to you, then read on. All these problems will be a thing of the past. 


Adding a recipe:

  • Add new recipes quickly, and easily
  • Customise your recipe database over time by adding your own courses and new cuisines 
  • Enter your ingredients quickly with the auto-complete function, and choose between metric or imperial measurements - and change it any time you like. If you get stuck, use the handy conversion guide - it features hundreds of conversions for all types of food - and you can add your own.
  • The amount of ingredients you need changes when you change the number of servings
  • And when you're done, print a handy shopping list with all your ingredients
  • Cook this recipe a lot? Then add it to your favourites so you can access it quickly

Searching for a recipe:

  • Search for recipes by ingredient, preparation time, cuisine and course.
  • Browse through your favourites, all your recipes or search your custom menus

  • Build your own custom menus - combine a starter, main course and dessert that work well together and name your new menu.
  • You can find this quickly and easily, and edit it at any time.

Print your recipe, and a shopping list:

 - Add all your ingredients to a shopping list and print
 - Quickly print your recipe, or view it too.

Backup & Restore:

  • The Recipe Collection Database comes with a quick and easy to use backup system.
  • It will export all your recipes and save them on your computer. 
  • So, if you accidentally delete something, don't panic, simply go to the backup feature and select restore to previous backup. This will return your database to the exact state it was in when you last backed it up.

The Recipe Collection Database is an essential companion to any cooking enthusiast.

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